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Environmental Policy Commission (EPC)

The Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) is a City of Alexandria commission, composed of 13 members who advise the City of Alexandria on a variety of environmental issues, projects, programs and initiatives. Each member is appointed by City Council for two-year terms and must meet specific member requirements: 5 members must have expertise in environmental sciences; 1 in federal or state environmental law and policy; 1 in urban planning; and 5 must be citizen-at-large members and 1 must be a student attending high school in the City of Alexandria.

In collaboration with the City of Alexandria (Office of Environmental Quality) and Virginia Tech (Department of Urban Affairs & Planning), the EPC developed and authored the Eco-City Charter (adopted by City Council on June 14, 2008) and the Environmental Action Plan (scheduled to be adopted on June 23rd, 2009).

The EPC is also charged with organizing the City's annual Alexandria Earth Day/Arbor Day festivals each Spring.

For information about past meetings as well as current members, click on the links below:


The EPC typically meets on the third Monday of each month (unless specified otherwise) at 7:30 pm in the Sister Cities Conference Room 1101, Alexandria City Hall, 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 (map). The EPC welcomes the public to attend—including individuals living or working in Alexandria and Alexandria business, community organization and association representatives.

Jan 26th Phase II Overview and Climate Change
Feb. 9th EAP Steering Committee
Feb. 17th ECG/ EPC meeting
Feb. 23rd Civic/Community Sustainability & Education
Mar. 2nd Land Use & Open Space
Mar. 10th ECG/EPC Meeting-City as Leader
Mar. 16th Green Business Sustainability
Mar. 19th Eco-City Cafe
Apr. 6th EPC Work Session
Apr. 14th ECG Meeting
Apr. 17th & 18th EPA Phase II Retreat
Apr. 20th EPC Meeting
Apr. 25th Earth Day
May 11th EPC Work Session & Open House


For more information see the Boards & Commissions calendar or contact Bill Skrabak, 703-519-3400, extension 163.


Current Members

On Saturday, June 14, 2008 the Alexandria City Council voted 7-0 to adopt the City’s and the Region’s first Eco-City Charter. Mayor Euille, Vice Mayor Pepper, and Councilmember Krupicka led the accolades for city staff, the Environmental Policy Commission (EPC) and Virginia’ Tech’s Department of Urban Affairs and Planning.

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Eco-City Café | EPC Chair, Danielle Fidler

Chair, Danielle Fidler
Danielle has lived in Alexandria for the last 15 years and has been on the EPC as a environmental law specialist since 2002. She is an enforcement attorney for the US EPA, and commenced her drive for environmental protection at age 9 with a letter-writing campaign to save the rainforests. She and her husband are building a green addition onto their home and spend free time biking, camping, and gardening.

Co-Chair, Joy Pochatila
Joy has been a resident of Alexandria since 2003 and a member of the Commission since 2006.  She is a certified professional geologist (PG) and is currently employed as a hydrologist for the US Army.  Her position includes providing water-resource analysis for overseas military operations and assisting relief efforts for humanitarian programs. Joy earned a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia before moving to the DC area. Joy has been working on the Solid Waste and Environmental Health sub-groups for the Environmental Action Plan.

Scott Barstow
Scott Barstow lives in north Old Town, and works in the city as a lobbyist for a non-profit organization.  Originally from Oregon, Scott is pursuing a graduate degree in environmental science and policy from Johns Hopkins University.  Scott is an avid biker, and has gotten so deeply into cycling that his bike is worth more than his car.

David Boxer
David Boxer grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA, and was first introduced to the importance of environmental preservation when red tides negatively impacted the local surfing conditions.  Throughout high school and college he took an active interest in the domestic and international repercussions of environmental degradation and climate change, which prompted him in part to pursue a bachelor's degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University. After graduation he took a job with Battelle Memorial Institute and moved to the north part of Old Town. In his free time, he enjoys studying foreign languages, biking, and concerts.

Carol Braegelmann

David Evans
Dave is an economist specializing in environmental regulatory design, benefit-cost analysis, and the intersection of energy and environmental policy. He has lived in Alexandria since 2003 and works in the federal government. Dave has been on EPC since October 2007. His earliest childhood memories growing up in western NY include watching news stories about Love Canal. Dave earned his PhD in economics from the University of Maryland in 2007.

Keith Freihofer
Keith has been a resident of Alexandria for 9 years and was appointed to the EPC in February 2008 as a member of the field of environmental sciences. Originally from upstate New York, he has a degree in environmental science from Plattsburg State University. He is a project manager for an environmental consulting firm in Alexandria and specializes in remediation of petroleum impacted groundwater and soil.

Patrick Hagan
Patrick Hagan has been a Citizen Member of EPC since 2005.  A native of Alexandria, Pat has more than two decades of experience in management and policy positions for environmental science, policy, and advocacy organizations.  He currently is Senior Director of Development for American Rivers, the national river conservation organization focused on the connection between healthy rivers and healthy communities.

Jennifer Hovis
Jennifer Hovis (citizen-at-large) was appointed to the EPC in November, 2007.  Jen was born and raised in the D.C. area, and settled in Alexandria two years ago with her husband, Ted.  She holds a degree in Geography from George Washington University, and has over ten years of experience in policy development and program analysis at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Laura Medhurst
Dr. Laura J. Medhurst, graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and after postdoctoral studies at the Naval Research Lab joined the faculty at the Marymount University in Arlington, VA, where she is currently professor of chemistry.  Her research interests are infrared spectroscopy of atmospheric species and atmospheric reaction dynamics.  She also is interested in water quality measurements and participates with students in water quality projects.

Kurt Moser
Kurt was appointed to EPC (environmental science) in February 2008, and has lived in Alexandria for 17 years. He earned his master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from George Mason University, and currently works part-time as a webmaster and archival researcher. While his graduate work focused on wetlands and ecosystem modeling, his efforts have also encompassed water quality monitoring and fish surveys, as well as environmental education, particularly with regard to teaching urban water issues.

Peter Pennington
Peter Pennington has been a resident of Alexandria for five years and a citizen at large member on the EPC since October 2007. He is retired after first a career in the Royal Navy and then a career in urban renewal and public housing throughout the UK. He is now supposed to be retired but is busier than ever. He also sits on the Alexandria Waterfront Committee.