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Model Sustainability Practices

Throughout the Eco-City Alexandria strategic planning process, more than 40 Eco-City Studio students (spring 2007, fall 2007, spring 2008) conducted research on model sustainability practices (programs, policies, and initiatives) undertaken by local governments, primarily in the United States. The purpose of identifying and understanding these model sustainability practices was to discover what cities and localities like Alexandria are doing to further sustainability and to see whether these programs, policies or initiatives (or aspects of them) might be adapted by Alexandria. These model programs and practices were then presented to EPC and city staff during monthly working sessions to brainstorm ideas for the Eco-City Charter and Environmental Action Plan.

Compendium of Model Sustainability Practices

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As a result of the hard work of the students in the Eco-City Studios, Virginia Tech presents the following compendium of model sustainability practices. Our goal is to provide a resource for city leaders, staff, and the citizens of Alexandria as they continue on their journey towards sustainability. The compendium is intended as a working document. As we and others discover new ideas and model practices, Virginia Tech intends to regularly update this compendium and post the most recent versions on this website.

The compendium of model sustainability practices is organized into four major themes and each theme is broken down into several sustainability topic areas. Please click on the PDF links below.

Model Sustainability Practices (Full Document - 2MB, PDF)

Cover (PDF)

Table of Contents (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)

Classic Environmental Sustainability Issues

  • Water Quality (603KB, PDF)
  • Air Quality & Transportation (77KB, PDF)
  • Solid Waste (69KB, PDF)

Planning for Sustainability

  • Land Use (76KB, PDF)
  • Parks & Open Space (76KB, PDF)
  • Green Buildings (102KB, PDF)

Emerging Sustainability Issues

  • Energy (107KB, PDF)
  • Climate Change (25KB, PDF)
  • Health (181KB, PDF)

Sustainability Initiatives (Governmental, Civic & Economic) (274KB, PDF)




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