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A variety of resources and links are listed below to provide you with more information about the sustainabiliy strategies used by other towns and cities across the country and world.

Compendium of Model Sustainability Practices

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Throughout the Eco-City Alexandria strategic planning process, more than 40 Eco-City Studio students (spring 2007, fall 2007, spring 2008) conducted research on model sustainability practices (programs, policies, and initiatives) undertaken by local governments, primarily in the United States.

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United States

Sustainability Principles & Plan (Portland, Oregon)

Sustainability Plan (San Juan Capistrano, California)

Green City (Pasadena, California)

Sustainable Communities Initiative (Austin, Texas)

Santa Monica Sustainable City Program (Santa Monica, California)

PlaNYC2030 (New York, New York)

Sustainable Northhampton Plan (Northhampton, Massachusetts)

EcoCity Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio)


Fraser Basin, British Columbia

Sustainability Charter & Plan (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Sustainability in Toronto (Toronto, Ontario)

United Kingdom

Sustainability Charter (Bristol, UK)

Wolverhampton City, UK

New Zealand

Waitakere Eco-City (Waitakere, New Zealand)

Green Network (Waitakere, New Zealand)


Environment & Sustainability (Willoughby City, Australia)

Hornsby Shire Council Sustainable Action Committee Charter (Hornsby, Australia)




Mayor Bob Harvey | Waitakere, New Zealand

Bob Harvey was elected Mayor of Waitakere City in 1992.

Mayor Bob Harvey

For the past 16 years, he has lead Waitakere in the direction of becoming a sustainable city. Mayor Bob was the visionary behind Waitakere City becoming an eco-city in 1993. In 2006, the Waitakere was recognized as the most "livable” city in the world by the United Nations LivCom Awards.

For more information about Waitakere and Mayor Bob, check out the following links:

Sustainable Food System | Vancouver, Canada


The City of Vancouver, British Columbia takes a wholistic approach to creating a truly livable, sustainable city. In July 2003, Vancouver created a Food Action Plan to foster equitable and ecologically sustainable food production, distribution and consumption. And, February 2007, the Mayor and City Council unanimously adopted the Vancouver Food Charter: a pioneering document that promotes education, celebration and projects for a healthy economy, ecology and society. For more information, check out the following links: